Our transaction based service for clients with straightforward financial circumstances and specific financial planning needs. Typically this service will include basic pension and investment planning and arranging life cover and mortgages.

Initial Financial Review

  • Scientific “Attitude to Risk” analysis
  • Full Protection analysis
  • Tax wrapper optimisation - ISA/SIPP etc.

Ongoing Review

  • Telephone and e-mail access to adviser
  • Annual meeting in our offices
  • Annual valuation of investments
  • Easily Accessed records

Additional Benefits

  • Regular portfolio rebalancing
  • Online access to valuations
  • Access to the Android and Apple App
  • Consolidation of assets onto a suitable Wrap Platform*


Our Premium Wealth Management service for clients with investment portfolios in excess of £100,000 or those with more complex planning needs. We will often work in conjunction with your other professional advisers to ensure our advice “dovetails” theirs.

Full Financial Health-Check

  • The Same as Aspiring plus the following
  • Cash-Flow Modelling
  • Comprehensive Financial Review

Regular Review

  • Whenever you like
  • Face-to-Face or over the telephone
  • Venue to suit you
  • Full access to consultant at any time

Additional Benefits

  • Same as Aspiring plus the following
  • Liaison with your professional advisers
  • Comprehensive tax planning services
  • 24/7 access to your adviser + mobile number

Fixed Fee

Sometimes you may require help and advice that falls outside of the scope of our standard wealth management services. In these cases we operate a range of fixed fees or work on a time-cost hourly basis on your behalf.

Fixed Fee

  • Know the Price at Outset
  • Ideal for one-off advice
  • Easy to Understand

Hourly Fees

  • Pay by the Hour
  • Receive an estimate of hours due
  • May reduce overall charges
  • Ideal for corporate clients

Other Features

  • Know the entire cost or estimate at outset
  • Subject to minimum fees
  • Fees are lower for less complexity
  • Consolidate your assets onto a suitable Wrap Platform*
* an additional charge may apply for this service

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