Saving for retirement is not just as simple as a pension for most people anymore. Many of our clients have not only a pension but second properties, ISA's, holiday homes and trusts.

There are, of course, different advantages to each one based on your circumstances. We will help you work out when to hold which assets and how best to utilise them as tax efficiently as possible.

Some common questions you might have which we will certainly help with..

1. Can I afford to retire?

2. Am I on track to be able to retire at my desired age?

3. Do I take the income from my second property and place it in a pension?

4. Do I put a lump sum into pension this year and wait to buy an investment property next year?

5. How can I put more than the annual allowance of £50,000 into my pension in 2013/14?

These are big questions and ones that you really don't want to make a mistake with as the financial implications can be huge.

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