Here at Wealth Aspirations we believe in putting clients first. Unlike advisers at the banks, or those whom offer 'restricted' advice, we work on behalf of our clients - not on behalf of a select few insurance companies or banks. Our view is that if advice is not independent then it isn't worth having.


We are dedicated to service. We find that an educated client is a happy client and therefore we strive to explain everything in plain English. We advise our own family and friends and run on an ethos that if we wouldn't recommend something to a friend then we won't recommend it to you. We are highly trained and experienced in dealing with both individuals and businesses of various ages, levels of wealth and turnover.

The Beginning

Tom & Jason started Wealth Aspirations in December 2012 having worked as Independent Financial Advisers at various different companies. January the 1st 2013 was the day of the Retail Distribution Review; the day on which commission was finally scrapped from all investments and the day that required advisers to have a much higher level of knowledge. They decided that, as the industry was growing up and becoming more regulated and required more qualifications, it would be a great time to start Wealth Aspirations. A huge need was identified for independent advisers in light of the countless numbers of 'advisers' being laid off by the major banks alongside a growing market of people like you whom require sound financial advice.