Funding education broadly falls into one of two categories:

1. Private School

2. Higher Education

Either way the cost of each can be a great concern for many families. Prices only seem to be going in one direction. Research by the Telegraph shows that in 2014 the expected cost for University tuition fees alone will rise to £26,000 for students starting their degrees.

Average Day Students at a Private School = £12,000 per annum

Average Boarding School Students at a Private School = £27,600 per annum

Expected University Tuition Costs (3-year course) = £26,000 as of 2014

Saving early and saving regularly is a proven method to help your loved ones attain their potential. We will help you plan the best way to invest for your children or grand-children to help fund their university or school fees. We review this at least annually to ensure that you remain on track so that their education isn't compromised.

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