We are currently offering free pension reviews.

Are you part of the growing number of people who haven't reviewed their pensions recently? If you do not know the answer to any of the following questions then we recommend a review.

  1. Do you know how much your pension scheme charges are?
  2. Do you know if the investment funds in your pension have under-performed their peers?
  3. Do you know how much retirement income you stand to receive with your current level of saving?
  4. What alternatives to pensions have you used and how do these compare to a regular pension?

If you haven't checked these in the last 12-months then the likelihood is that a review is necessary either for peace-of-mind or to ensure that you right any wrongs early.

The good news is that we will gather all of the information on your behalf and ensure that your retirement expectations are met. We will provide this service free of charge. If we manage to find a better strategy then we will only charge you for making the recommendations and implementing the scheme. We will never charge you without your consent. We offer this service free-of-charge because we find that nearly everyone we see could be getting the same or better elsewhere for a cheaper price.