We recognise that from time to time clients will require help and advice that falls outside of the scope of our standard wealth management and financial planning services. In these cases we operate a range of fixed fees. Alternatively we can undertake work on a time-cost basis on your behalf.

Project Fees

  • Pension transfer advice - 3% (of pension value)*
  • New pension commencement – up to 50% (of first year’s premiums)**
  • Investment advice, including execution - 3% (of investment value)*
  • Inheritance Tax planning report and advice - £1,500 min.
  • Mortgage advice – 0.5% of loan (min £500)
  • Pension consolidation report - £750 for 1st pension, £ 250 thereafter.

Where any of the above are utilised we will charge a minimum of 0.5% per annum to manage the investments (this excludes mortgage advice)

*fee’s may vary on complexity and it could cost substantially less for simple cases or those with larger pension pots.

** subject to a minimum of £500 usually paid via the pension plan provider from your plan

Hourly Fees

Where we undertake work for you on an hourly basis the following rates will apply. We will agree the rate to be charged before commencing any work.

  • Partner - £175 per hour
  • Adviser - £175 per hour
  • Administrator - £50 per hour


Since the advising on and subsequent implementation of financial products is an exempt trade for VAT purposes, fees for certain areas of advice may be exempt and we will inform you if you need to pay VAT.